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I am an expert posing coach in the men's and women's divisions in the NPC federation to IFBB Pro league. I believe that stage presentation and executing your mandatory poses so judges can "JUDGE" you, is key when stepping on stage! You will learn the "art of posing" in its most respected form so that you can present the confidence and hard work necessary for you to be judged amongst those you are competing against. Posing requires time and practice. I will set up a posing plan for you based on the changes you bring with your physique and the effort you bring to each session! I work with all coaches/trainers/teams. Let's get you or your athletes on the WIN-WIN team!  


625 W 59TH AVE, UNIT H


1-hour Session IN-Person or Online 

Hour sessions are recommended for first-time competitors or for any seasoned competitor that needs more visual feedback and instruction, to ensure proper posing and presentation, per their respective division and federation. 

I will teach warm-up techniques and lay out a comprehensive plan of action - which depend on how much you are able to commit to. 

Feel free to reach out to me for a free half-hour phone consultation so we can discuss further how I can be of help to you and your goals to compete on stage. 


30-minute Session IN-person or Online

This would be recommended for seasoned competitors who need support and fine-tuning of their posing routines. The intent is to stay hyper-focused on your posing, transitions, and overall presentation so the session may be fast-paced at times.

I understand that budgeting may play a factor and so if you are new to competing, just be aware of the intent of this session as stated above. 

Posing Package Deal!

Save a little and invest in your posing where this package gives you consistency and the motivation as to why posing is a key element in your bodybuilding prep! 

You receive: 

  • Free 30-minute consultation to map out your posing schedule

  • (3) 1-hour posing sessions in the month

  • Online or In-Person

  • Suit, Heels, and Overall Presentation consultation


This service may apply to you, if you are any of the following: 

  • Seasoned Competitor

  • Worked with me from a workshop or we have talked and I have referred you to this service. 

  • Been practicing or learning off Youtube and would like professional feedback

  • New or seasoned bodybuilding coach who would like to take over posing of their clients but would like my professional feedback

You get per month: 

  • (2) video submission / allowances

  • (2) video responses 

This is a new consultation service that I am offering for competitors/coaches who may not necessarily need hands-on coaching, may not have time in their day for sessions or is on a tight budget, yet are able to make weekly adjustments to their posing, based on the feedback I provide. 

After submitting your payment, I will need (1) video of your mandatory poses for the division you are competing in. Please make sure your video is no more than 2-minutes long. The best way to submit your video is through FACEBOOK MESSENGER. You can find me by name: Ida Litteral. 

I will then follow up with (1) video response, giving you a request to submit your second video with the feedback and adjustments provided. 

All feedback will be provided within 1-3 days. 

Bodybuilding Competition Airbrush or Hand Tanning 

I will be spray tanning for the June 10, 2023 NPC Arctic Muscle/IFBB Arctive Muscle Pro show!

In an effort to ensure your stage presentation is showcased, I offer a professional hand or spray tanning services, which include assistance with skin prep. 

The following services are available (paypal links are below): 

  •  2- DAY process ($125) where you will have your base coat the day before the competition & top coat the morning of the competition. 

  • 3- DAY process ($135) is recommended for those who are fair skin or 1st-time competitors. For seasoned competitors, this process may already be what you prefer/best experience. 

Regardless, of which one you choose, both will ensure you have a deep & dark natural look on stage. 


  • Once you have paid, I will follow up with an email within 48 hours. 

  • My tanning studio (Bare to Glow, LLC) will be located in the new LITT FITT, studio: 625 W 59th Ave, Unit H, Anchorage, Alaska. 

  • IMPORTANT SKIN PREP info will be emailed 2-weeks prior to your tanning appointments. 


While it is understood that life happens, pandemic, possible show cancellation, or you decide not to compete (just common examples that fall under 'for any reason'), due to my time and cost for scheduling/tanning supplies, there are absolutely no refunds, for any reason. In lieu of this, I will credit your payment towards your next show (must be used within a year from the date of purchase) or (2) 1-hour posing sessions. Your purchase is your agreement with this cancellation & refund policy. 

**If you become unsatisfied with your tan, please contact me immediately so I am given an opportunity to assess and fix your tan before you go on stage! We will have a discussion on what occurred and I will do my best to rectify the issue, with you. 

Please note that I am an independent spray technician and not the host tanning company for this show nor affiliated with the promoters of this show. 

 If you have any questions, please contact me! 

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